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Your donations keep Emaho alive, and help the Supreme Bodhicitta grow where it has not yet grown but flourish for evermore.

Your support helps keep Emaho's programs running month to month and year to year. It helps keep our doors open to all.

Emaho makes dharma teaching available with cost across the world. Emaho Center and its programs are totally dependent on your kindness and we thank you for it.



As our relationship grows with the Dharma, we begin to understand more about the dharma. We gather the trust and respect for our self, our teachers, and our sangha. We see the necessity of playing a part to help our community survive.

Emaho benefactors are those who wish to pledge support on a monthly basis. Recurring donations are Emaho's lifeline. As with all non-profits we require a sustainable financial foundation.

You may become a Sangha Benefactor, or a Teacher Benefactor.

1. Sangha Benefactor

Sangha Benefactors are those who pledge to support Emaho on a monthly basis. Sangha Benefactors will receive a Benefactor card, a photo of Rinpoche and one of Rinpoche's CDs.

2. Teacher Benefactor

Benefactors are those who pledge to support our teachers on a monthly basis. Benefactors will receive a Benefactor card, a photo of Rinpoche, and one of Rinpoche's CDs.

1. Make a recurring Bill Pay from your bank

Many banks provide a convenient and cost-free way to automatically generate a donation from your own bank account. Simply set up your recurring payment to be sent to:

Emaho Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 1563
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Check your bank below to find out how to make a recurring payment to Emaho

2. Make recurring monthly donations Via paypal

Donation Amounts

3. Post-dated checks or a VOID check

Send a series of post-dated checks or a VOID check for pre-authorized deposits. Indicate what type of benefactor you would like to become. Please send to:

Emaho Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 1563
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340



Make a one-time donation

Make an easy and safe donation with PayPal.

You can make a one-time donation by check

Yes, I want to make a donation to Emaho. I will send in a check today.

Mail checks to:

Emaho Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 1563
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Donate your frequent flyer miles

With more ways than ever before to accumulate air miles, many people find they can't use all their frequent flier miles. Please consider donating them to Emaho. Your donated air miles help reduce the high cost of travel for Rinpoche. Reducing the ever-increasing cost of travel allows us to put more money into programs to support our threefold mission.

Please note: we need a minimum of 25,000 miles per donation. To donate your miles or for more information please contact CFO,


Including Emaho in your estate plan will allow you to continue your impact and influence by creating a legacy that will benefit Emaho long into the future. There are a number of methods you can use to accomplish this. It'll be find these suggestions useful in determining how best to create your legacy. Please always contact your brokers were your financial advisor for their guidance in your particular circumstance.

in-kind donations

Through the gifts in-kind program, your donated items such as items found on our Wish List, office equipment, landscaping tools, facility maintenance items and so forth help reduce our monthly expenses. Before bringing in in-kind donations, please contact Jackie Sepulveda at You'll receive a receipt for the items you kindly donate.

For additional information about any of these planned giving opportunities, please contact our CFO, Melissa Smith at



Here are some helpful resources on how to get the most out of your money and develop that philanthropic spirit to fill up your Dharma Piggy bank!


With great appreciation for the generosity of the friends of Emaho, we thank everyone who donated to support our planned traditional Buddhist altar. As of October 30, 2010, we reached our goal of $9,000.

In order to support the sangha and community in their spiritual practice, ZaChoeje  Rinpoche has begun to design a traditional Tibetan Buddhist altar for Emaho's temple. A Buddhist altar holds symbols of enlightened body, speech and mind, represented by a statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, a scripture and a stupa. These symbols are reflections of our own enlightened potential. They inspire us to develop the  qualities of faith, love, compassion, devotion and wisdom in ourselves so that we can fully benefit all sentient beings. Buddhist texts state that by doing prayers, chanting,and offering flowers and incense in front of Buddha and Deity statues we receive blessings, new strength and courage for our spiritual path.

When Rinpoche was in Nepal, he saw many beautiful statues and stupas. He was especially drawn to the work of some of the local artists, whose work we will commission for a Buddha Shakyamuni statue and a stupa. The scriptures will be ordered from India. The estimated cost for the new altar with statue, scripture and stupa will be approximately $ 8000 - $ 9000.

Even making a small donation towards an altar, Buddha statues, or a stupa will bring great blessings to the individual. This is an opportunity for all of us to create great merit in our actions.

We appreciate  your support! Thank you!

10 Ways to Save $50 Per Month: >

10 Ways to Save $50 Per Month: The Art of Pinching a Penny Until It Screams
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Savings: $5 per month

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3. Bring your lunch to work once a week instead of eating out.

Savings: $7 x 4 weeks = $28 per month

4. Don’t go to the coffee shop on the weekends.

Savings: 2 visits @ $2 = $4 per week x 4 weeks = $16 per month

5. If you carry a balance on your credit card, and you’re only able to afford paying the minimum monthly amount, pay weekly installments instead of one monthly payment. For example, if you owe $100 per month, pay $25 per week. Because credit card companies accrue interest daily on your balance, paying only once a month is a huge detriment to your fiscal health.

Savings: $10 - $100 per month (or more!)

6. Instead of a family night out, consider having an old fashion picnic together or a bike ride. Curbing entertainment costs doesn’t mean curbing the fun.

Savings: $25+ per month

7. Spend a day cooking meals that can be frozen for later use for your family. Once a Month Cooking, a book by Mary Beth Lagerborg and Mimi Wilson, features grocery lists and recipes to prepare and freeze a month’s worth of food for you and your family. Not only are you able to purchase the food in bulk, this method prevents having to throw away any spoiled food.

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9. Use less expensive gasoline. If you live in North America and have Internet access, you are able to search for the cheapest gas price in your neighborhood with Gas Buddy,

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