Literary Tibetan: Taught by Geshe Jampa

Several times a year, the study of the Tibetan language is offered by Geshe Jampa, Emaho's resident teacher.

The goal of this workshop series offered by Geshe Jampa is to engage the richness of the Tibetan language.

Learning the history of the Tibetan language and being able to recognize and pronounce characters aids us in realizing the full potential of our Buddhist studies.

For the current schedule, see the "Current Teachings" page.

Track 1: Beginner - Introduction to Literary Tibetan

A series of 10 classes provides an introduction to the Tibetan language. The classes will be repeated in an ongoing pattern so that those who have missed a track or would like to reinforce what they learned have the opportunity to take it again.

Materials and handouts are provided and students participate in an online blog to share questions, concerns and course notes. Included in the curriculum is language history, recognition and pronunciation of the characters of the alphabet, basic grammar, phrase construction and useful vocabulary.

To learn more about the introduction to literary Tibetan series, email Emaho at

$100 for full course and materials

Track 2: Intermediate - Reading Classical Texts

To be scheduled.

Track 3: Advanced - Translating Classical Texts

To be scheduled.