Emaho Center

We are pleased to announce that Emaho will soon be moving to a new location! Effective October 31, 2014, Emaho Foundation will be relocated to 11435 North CaveCreek, Phoenix, 85020.

Under the guidance of our spiritual director, ZaChoeje Rinpoche, we are building a new facility. Our new building is a modern, larger structure currently under construction.

Until construction is complete, we will hold our meditations and programs in a cozy room on the second floor. To get there, as you are facing the building, take the stairs on the right side. Our room is directly in line with the stairs and clearly marked.

The small space will allow us to continue our programs without interruption until we move in, likely the end of December.

This is an exciting time of new beginnings and endless possibilities. We are looking forward to having our own facility, a place where together we can create our spiritual home under the guidance of our kind and venerable teacher, ZaChoeje Rinpoche.


Directions and map


Compassion sand Mandala

The Emaho center is home to one of the few Sand Mandalas that have been preserved for display in North America. Click Here for more information